Kamis, 13 Oktober 2011

we named our selves len-c


actually,, there is no atention to write anything but, I feel so upset now. and I have to write something to feel better :(
so, what will I post tonight??
a little bit confused, but I think it would be nice if at the moment like this there are friends that can comfotrt us. well.. tonight I will introduce my best friends to all of you.

yay!! they are len-c^^ yes, we named our selves len-c ( thats cool right??  xo xo xo ) 

from the left eby, mbak papat, me and ati.. actually there are two more teh ika dan teh feny

and this is they are
we are happy to laugh, especially eby and me. sometimes we often joke like a child but it was all very enjoyable, I felt so comfortable with them and with them anyway I can be my self.
because happyness is when we feel comfrotable with what we have, where we are and with whom we spend time

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